This is my life, and I have never been this excited before!!!!!

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Dear friends and family,
The holiday season has passed and a new year is laying before us, I cannot even express with words how excited I am for this next year. The possibilities are endless this will be thee very best year of my life.
This past year has been amazing, crazy, and intense, from facing some of the hardest situations and decisions I have ever faced, to thee most fulfilling and joyful moments of my life. I could never write all, but I will hit a few things that come to mind. When I stepped out of the conventional western church system, I was told I needed to write my resume and submit it to churches, I was offered pastoral positions, worship leader, and other things, but there was a deep longing, a fire burning inside of me, that said, there is something more, something more real, something that looked like Jesus. And I stepped out, with the commoradeship of a few amazing men, there are to many to list now, but to the amazing band of powerful committed men that I am part of, I thank you, we have fought together, bled together, rejoiced together, and we win together. all for the kingdom.
From my first days of stepping out in faith, believing God for finances, learning to trust and not let worry or doubt even be part of my life. Learning to give radically. To the days of religious opposition against the message of truth we were teaching drove me to my knees and I learned to live ONLY to please God, only to bring him Glory, and to get all my affirmation from him. I grow in favor with God and man, but I live only to please God. I learned to trusts Gods ability to protect my heart more than peoples ability to break it. and in the middle of pain, and hurt, I learned to live out of radical intimacy and never ever allow any thought about myself or anybody else be in my head that was not in the heart of God. This principle has saved me years over emotional pain, and wounds, I have been told that God was going to strike me down, I have been cussed out by Christians for healing the sick and preaching a gospel of power, and back stabbed by people close to me. Dont get me wrong, this does not happen all the time, i just made decisions to not please man, and walk in truth and love, but because i went to God and learned to live in his presence and I never allowed a grudge or wounds to stay, I never ever carried a pain or hurt for more than a few days at the longest. This enables you to walk in freedom, joy, and minister from the heart of God.
We seen thousands of people healed in the past year, from blind eyes opening, crutches thrown away, legs growing, cancer gone, people walking out of wheelchairs, broken bones, just about every sickness you can imagine, healed, we went from being surprised at people being healed, to being surprised if someone was not healed instantly. I rented buildings at times, stepped out in faith and announced that people would be healed, and had no idea what would happen, at times I miserably failed, and at times it was amazing beyond what I could imagine.
To the days on the streets in Colorado praying for tons of wheelchairs and impossible situations and not seeing people healed, I still remember after loving on the 12 wheelchair of the day, I was walking away and tears streaming down my face I found a bus booth, and with my face in the corner, I said "God, I am confused and desperate to see my experiences match the word scriptures," and with tears and conviction I told God " till the day I die I will continue to pray for the sick, I will set people free, I will do the will of the father, if no one ever gets healed, I will still be obedient, I will never ever stop". when I left that booth I seen another wheelchair go past, the young man had a car accident and his one leg was at least 4 inches shorter than the other, twisted, and with metal pins in his knee, I know that this does not fit into peoples theology really, but I told him I was a healer and I was gonna get him healed. I didn't ask him for permission, I just grabbed his legs and told him to be healed, his leg popped and untwisted as it grew out instantly, he jumped up and started walking around. that was the first person I seen get out of a wheelchair.
To the people that we gave everything to see them healed, and then they died, and then we tried raising them from the dead, because they died of sickness, and not seeing anything happen, in these moments with the people close to a handful of us that are spearheading this thing, gathered together in one of our bedrooms, crying out, reading the scriptures, and asking the questions that no one else wanted to ask, and not giving up, refusing to ever compromise on the goodness of God, not ok with just saying we don't understand, we have to learn, if we don't learn, then more people die. It was those late nights with people in sheer determination to go after God in the midst of not understanding , and sometimes being misunderstood and opposition, aahhh, the i treasure memories of nights of just living for the voice of God, and living for his affirmations and direction.
In Rhode island with a friend charles indifon, on the streets where I seen the first lady with paralyzed legs walk out of her wheelchair. where I learned to walk as royalty and that we are amazing people.
To meeting curry Blake, and making friends with people who had truth and helped shape our lives.
To stepping out in faith and flying to South africa, with practically no money, no plans , only one contact person "who rocked btw, thank you chad". Then miracles broke out and the favor of God was so there, and I met awesome people and made amazing friends. You can read about it in the past 8 or so blog entries. I poured into a few groups of young people who became powerful and started transforming their regions for God, at times I was challenged way beyond anything I had ever been challenged to before, from crying with hurt kids in the back of mud huts, and ministering to beautiful young people who had been raped since they were 4 years old, to dancing and worshiping with radical young people finding Jesus for the first time, to going to the local witch doctors house to heal there families because they heard stories of the goodness of God, to going to hospitals healing the sick from room to room, to ministering in prisons where the wardens key locks the bars behind you turns and he walks of, leaving you in a small dank room of 15+ criminals. and the love of God breaks out sick are healed, they are baptized with the holy spirit, and the prison is turned into a beautiful place of the presence of God, with the inmates all holding hands worshiping God tears in their eyes, and hope living in their hearts. and traveling through south africa seeing God do amazing things.
Starting a school of ministry called the "school of obedience" with students coming from around the world, learning through trial and error, doing everything from house churches, to large events, to having church meetings in the local mall, to meeting in the parks, with one goal, just to be like Jesus, and bring the real, raw , powerful and true love of God to the people around us.
To healing the sick in some random church in Colorado, and having religious people go crazy, never raising our voices or making a disturbance, being escorted of the property by 8 pastors with their ties and shirts all undone and worked up, simply because the pastor at the church wasn't healing the poor sick people so we "Brandon, Ryan and I" got them healed after the pastor passed them by in their prayer line. sitting on the curb with 4 cop cars in front, 8 pastors behind with folded arms, Ryan looks over at me perfectly calm and complete peace, and asks if i feel like doing ministry in jail that night, I smile, and say totally. But of course by the time the pastors leave Brandon and Ryan are ministering to the Police:) and talking about the goodness of God. and its all good. We learned a lot in those times.


I was able to go home last thanksgiving to visit my family and I had a really great time, while I was there I met a girl named Maria Miller, I knew her family growing up and I knew her brothers, she was my lil sisters best friend growing up, but i never really knew her, I liked her when I first saw her, but I just pushed the feelings I had away, through a series of events she rode down with her brother and I to CA, and visited for a few days, it became more and more obvious every day that she was here that she was not your normal girl, from the way she treated people, ministered and loved on people, and to the way she handled stressful situations. I talked to her and expressed that I had feelings for her, but I said we should stay in contact and pray about it over the next few weeks until Christmas, because I have so completely given every cell and fiber of my body to the will of God till the day I die, and so has she, I didn't want to do something rash or out of just emotion.
when I went home to visit my family for Christmas I called her dad and talked to him about it, then the night after I was home I asked her to be my girlfriend, I could talk for hours and hours about why I am in a relationship, and how amazing she is, but in the near future I will probably write a blog about our relationship, because we have a relationship that is wrapped around God, that is centered around his heart, will, nature, and character. When you are completely consumed with a love for God and people, then you see each other through the eyes of God, and you see each other in complete purity, you are not in the relationship for what you can get, but for what you can give. You make decisions not as emotional beings so much, but you make decisions based out of your spirit, out of the scriptures, and the heart of God. the way you treat each other, the way you respect, talk, and conduct your life. and encourage and push each other to pursue God, and walk like Jesus. So i would really appreciate any prayer that ya'll can be praying, I want to make this beautiful, our desire is that God is not only glorified, but that many will be saved and come to Jesus simply because of the beaut, purity and love in our relationship.
I am gripped with purity and seeing people in powerful relationships, I will be writing a few blogs and articles sexual and emotional purity inside and outside the boundaries later this week. But I do believe that I have found the women of my dreams, and i will conduct my self in this relationship as such, to build a beautiful foundation in our relationship. I have been praying for the women of my dreams for s long as I can remember and trying to learn all I can to be a great leader, and man of God. I know very little, but from my limited knowledge I want to write what has been burned in my heart because I believe it will inspire other young people to get a vision so bug so beautiful so radical for the person of their dreams, that walking in purity becomes easy, because vision gives pain a purpose, and so the bigger your vision is the smaller temptation looks.
I need to wrap this blog up, So right now I am in San Jose just discipling people, and loving people to life. I will be here till April 7th.
In April I will be taking a team of 7 radical young people to South Africa for 6 weeks, this is the most intense, radical, faith trip I have embarked on to date. we hope to be flying into the south coast and having a base there, and then from there we will fly and drive to various cities and rural areas, ministering on the streets, in prisons, hospitals, orphanages, churches, bars, beaches, villages, healing the sick, saving the lost, binding up the broken, and bring real hope to a dying and hurting people who have given up hope. This trip has unlimited potential, we will just be following the Holy spirit, and being obedient to what ever doors open. We do not as of yet have transport or housing secured, but we have the great commission, and the Holy spirit, I tend to think thats all you need:)
When I return from South Africa, I will have about 5 days to rest then I leave straight for Ohio with another team of radicals to bring Jesus and revival to the Amish. This trip to Ohio is already burning on my heart sooo intensely!!
See both my girlfriend and I grew up Amish, so we come from the background and we both speak their German dialect fluently. I always knew that i would someday go back and minister to my people, but i never really knew how. Ive heard a lot of people say that you have to be like the Amish to win the Amish, I have never really seen that work. I have never heard of someone coming and just healing the sick taking their hands and looking into their eyes and telling them, Listen God is good, he is here now, and he loves you!!! with authority, love and conviction.
Many people think that the Amish are Christians, and some are, but the Amish are spiritually like 3rd world country, they are some of the darkest and worst places I know of in our country. Their religion is a mix of catholicism, Luthers teaching, the strictness and harshness of the Muslim religion. See the Amish youth grow up super suppressed until they are 16 years old then at 16 years of age, they are "released" to go crazy and do what ever they want and are told that its natural and "covered" spiritually, this is called "rumspringa".
So now you have these innocent youth at the age being thrown into this dark intense world of drugs, sex, alcohol, and pain. So they are desperately searching for something real to fill the longing in their hearts, then they are given all the counterfeit destruction of the devil, by the time they are 17-18 years old they are so hurt, broken, and bleeding, they start crawling back to the only kind of safe system the know, the Amish system which is a super legalistic system of rules and regulations, where you cannot "know" that you will go to heaven, you can only hope that if you follow the rules of the church properly you might make it to heaven. But they believe that God is mad, and that he hates them for their sin, so they build these walls of pain and hurt and live out their lives in the best way they know how.
I will be taking a team, we will have a few safe house where we will have worship, prayer and discipleship happening consistently every night of the week. then we will have a handful of those that speak their language going into these parties and dark places, healing the sick,a and looking into their eyes and telling them " listen what you are doing is not working, You need Jesus and I have him, let me introduce him to you".!!
My girlfriend has and amazing friend named Manda Kurtz, her and her brother and few other have been saved recently and left the Amish system, they are now radicals and will be going back into the system with us, because they used to be known in many of the circles so we have a way in. Just since we started to talk about this trip, god has been doing things, I have had Amish and ex-amish people adding me on Facebook, the youth in there are sooo hungry and desperate fro something real, it is going to epic. I believe that a radical movement will be birthed out of this, and their will be some of the most powerful world shakers ever that will come out of the Amish, because they are such a disciplined people group, and they have been so suppressed, that when they experience freedom they never stop, and pretty much nothing can ever stop them.
we will not be telling them to leave the Amish or do anything except fall in love with the person of Jesus and look like him!!!!!! yea, revival in a barn, I have always though that would be epic:) I really appreciate any prayer for this trip, it will be unique, and the spiritual darkness is even more intense than Africa and other places I go.

But for now, lets love radically, give extravagantly, walk uprightly, and never ever stop, set people free, the year 2011 will be as amazing as you allow it to be and you will see what ever you pursue and don't give up on.

Thank you amazing people, lets roll.

never stop
stay in love
set people free
make the devil cry every day