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This is my life, and I have never been this excited before!!!!!

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Dear friends and family,
The holiday season has passed and a new year is laying before us, I cannot even express with words how excited I am for this next year. The possibilities are endless this will be thee very best year of my life.
This past year has been amazing, crazy, and intense, from facing some of the hardest situations and decisions I have ever faced, to thee most fulfilling and joyful moments of my life. I could never write all, but I will hit a few things that come to mind. When I stepped out of the conventional western church system, I was told I needed to write my resume and submit it to churches, I was offered pastoral positions, worship leader, and other things, but there was a deep longing, a fire burning inside of me, that said, there is something more, something more real, something that looked like Jesus. And I stepped out, with the commoradeship of a few amazing men, there are to many to list now, but to the amazing band of powerful committed men that I am part of, I thank you, we have fought together, bled together, rejoiced together, and we win together. all for the kingdom.
From my first days of stepping out in faith, believing God for finances, learning to trust and not let worry or doubt even be part of my life. Learning to give radically. To the days of religious opposition against the message of truth we were teaching drove me to my knees and I learned to live ONLY to please God, only to bring him Glory, and to get all my affirmation from him. I grow in favor with God and man, but I live only to please God. I learned to trusts Gods ability to protect my heart more than peoples ability to break it. and in the middle of pain, and hurt, I learned to live out of radical intimacy and never ever allow any thought about myself or anybody else be in my head that was not in the heart of God. This principle has saved me years over emotional pain, and wounds, I have been told that God was going to strike me down, I have been cussed out by Christians for healing the sick and preaching a gospel of power, and back stabbed by people close to me. Dont get me wrong, this does not happen all the time, i just made decisions to not please man, and walk in truth and love, but because i went to God and learned to live in his presence and I never allowed a grudge or wounds to stay, I never ever carried a pain or hurt for more than a few days at the longest. This enables you to walk in freedom, joy, and minister from the heart of God.
We seen thousands of people healed in the past year, from blind eyes opening, crutches thrown away, legs growing, cancer gone, people walking out of wheelchairs, broken bones, just about every sickness you can imagine, healed, we went from being surprised at people being healed, to being surprised if someone was not healed instantly. I rented buildings at times, stepped out in faith and announced that people would be healed, and had no idea what would happen, at times I miserably failed, and at times it was amazing beyond what I could imagine.
To the days on the streets in Colorado praying for tons of wheelchairs and impossible situations and not seeing people healed, I still remember after loving on the 12 wheelchair of the day, I was walking away and tears streaming down my face I found a bus booth, and with my face in the corner, I said "God, I am confused and desperate to see my experiences match the word scriptures," and with tears and conviction I told God " till the day I die I will continue to pray for the sick, I will set people free, I will do the will of the father, if no one ever gets healed, I will still be obedient, I will never ever stop". when I left that booth I seen another wheelchair go past, the young man had a car accident and his one leg was at least 4 inches shorter than the other, twisted, and with metal pins in his knee, I know that this does not fit into peoples theology really, but I told him I was a healer and I was gonna get him healed. I didn't ask him for permission, I just grabbed his legs and told him to be healed, his leg popped and untwisted as it grew out instantly, he jumped up and started walking around. that was the first person I seen get out of a wheelchair.
To the people that we gave everything to see them healed, and then they died, and then we tried raising them from the dead, because they died of sickness, and not seeing anything happen, in these moments with the people close to a handful of us that are spearheading this thing, gathered together in one of our bedrooms, crying out, reading the scriptures, and asking the questions that no one else wanted to ask, and not giving up, refusing to ever compromise on the goodness of God, not ok with just saying we don't understand, we have to learn, if we don't learn, then more people die. It was those late nights with people in sheer determination to go after God in the midst of not understanding , and sometimes being misunderstood and opposition, aahhh, the i treasure memories of nights of just living for the voice of God, and living for his affirmations and direction.
In Rhode island with a friend charles indifon, on the streets where I seen the first lady with paralyzed legs walk out of her wheelchair. where I learned to walk as royalty and that we are amazing people.
To meeting curry Blake, and making friends with people who had truth and helped shape our lives.
To stepping out in faith and flying to South africa, with practically no money, no plans , only one contact person "who rocked btw, thank you chad". Then miracles broke out and the favor of God was so there, and I met awesome people and made amazing friends. You can read about it in the past 8 or so blog entries. I poured into a few groups of young people who became powerful and started transforming their regions for God, at times I was challenged way beyond anything I had ever been challenged to before, from crying with hurt kids in the back of mud huts, and ministering to beautiful young people who had been raped since they were 4 years old, to dancing and worshiping with radical young people finding Jesus for the first time, to going to the local witch doctors house to heal there families because they heard stories of the goodness of God, to going to hospitals healing the sick from room to room, to ministering in prisons where the wardens key locks the bars behind you turns and he walks of, leaving you in a small dank room of 15+ criminals. and the love of God breaks out sick are healed, they are baptized with the holy spirit, and the prison is turned into a beautiful place of the presence of God, with the inmates all holding hands worshiping God tears in their eyes, and hope living in their hearts. and traveling through south africa seeing God do amazing things.
Starting a school of ministry called the "school of obedience" with students coming from around the world, learning through trial and error, doing everything from house churches, to large events, to having church meetings in the local mall, to meeting in the parks, with one goal, just to be like Jesus, and bring the real, raw , powerful and true love of God to the people around us.
To healing the sick in some random church in Colorado, and having religious people go crazy, never raising our voices or making a disturbance, being escorted of the property by 8 pastors with their ties and shirts all undone and worked up, simply because the pastor at the church wasn't healing the poor sick people so we "Brandon, Ryan and I" got them healed after the pastor passed them by in their prayer line. sitting on the curb with 4 cop cars in front, 8 pastors behind with folded arms, Ryan looks over at me perfectly calm and complete peace, and asks if i feel like doing ministry in jail that night, I smile, and say totally. But of course by the time the pastors leave Brandon and Ryan are ministering to the Police:) and talking about the goodness of God. and its all good. We learned a lot in those times.


I was able to go home last thanksgiving to visit my family and I had a really great time, while I was there I met a girl named Maria Miller, I knew her family growing up and I knew her brothers, she was my lil sisters best friend growing up, but i never really knew her, I liked her when I first saw her, but I just pushed the feelings I had away, through a series of events she rode down with her brother and I to CA, and visited for a few days, it became more and more obvious every day that she was here that she was not your normal girl, from the way she treated people, ministered and loved on people, and to the way she handled stressful situations. I talked to her and expressed that I had feelings for her, but I said we should stay in contact and pray about it over the next few weeks until Christmas, because I have so completely given every cell and fiber of my body to the will of God till the day I die, and so has she, I didn't want to do something rash or out of just emotion.
when I went home to visit my family for Christmas I called her dad and talked to him about it, then the night after I was home I asked her to be my girlfriend, I could talk for hours and hours about why I am in a relationship, and how amazing she is, but in the near future I will probably write a blog about our relationship, because we have a relationship that is wrapped around God, that is centered around his heart, will, nature, and character. When you are completely consumed with a love for God and people, then you see each other through the eyes of God, and you see each other in complete purity, you are not in the relationship for what you can get, but for what you can give. You make decisions not as emotional beings so much, but you make decisions based out of your spirit, out of the scriptures, and the heart of God. the way you treat each other, the way you respect, talk, and conduct your life. and encourage and push each other to pursue God, and walk like Jesus. So i would really appreciate any prayer that ya'll can be praying, I want to make this beautiful, our desire is that God is not only glorified, but that many will be saved and come to Jesus simply because of the beaut, purity and love in our relationship.
I am gripped with purity and seeing people in powerful relationships, I will be writing a few blogs and articles sexual and emotional purity inside and outside the boundaries later this week. But I do believe that I have found the women of my dreams, and i will conduct my self in this relationship as such, to build a beautiful foundation in our relationship. I have been praying for the women of my dreams for s long as I can remember and trying to learn all I can to be a great leader, and man of God. I know very little, but from my limited knowledge I want to write what has been burned in my heart because I believe it will inspire other young people to get a vision so bug so beautiful so radical for the person of their dreams, that walking in purity becomes easy, because vision gives pain a purpose, and so the bigger your vision is the smaller temptation looks.
I need to wrap this blog up, So right now I am in San Jose just discipling people, and loving people to life. I will be here till April 7th.
In April I will be taking a team of 7 radical young people to South Africa for 6 weeks, this is the most intense, radical, faith trip I have embarked on to date. we hope to be flying into the south coast and having a base there, and then from there we will fly and drive to various cities and rural areas, ministering on the streets, in prisons, hospitals, orphanages, churches, bars, beaches, villages, healing the sick, saving the lost, binding up the broken, and bring real hope to a dying and hurting people who have given up hope. This trip has unlimited potential, we will just be following the Holy spirit, and being obedient to what ever doors open. We do not as of yet have transport or housing secured, but we have the great commission, and the Holy spirit, I tend to think thats all you need:)
When I return from South Africa, I will have about 5 days to rest then I leave straight for Ohio with another team of radicals to bring Jesus and revival to the Amish. This trip to Ohio is already burning on my heart sooo intensely!!
See both my girlfriend and I grew up Amish, so we come from the background and we both speak their German dialect fluently. I always knew that i would someday go back and minister to my people, but i never really knew how. Ive heard a lot of people say that you have to be like the Amish to win the Amish, I have never really seen that work. I have never heard of someone coming and just healing the sick taking their hands and looking into their eyes and telling them, Listen God is good, he is here now, and he loves you!!! with authority, love and conviction.
Many people think that the Amish are Christians, and some are, but the Amish are spiritually like 3rd world country, they are some of the darkest and worst places I know of in our country. Their religion is a mix of catholicism, Luthers teaching, the strictness and harshness of the Muslim religion. See the Amish youth grow up super suppressed until they are 16 years old then at 16 years of age, they are "released" to go crazy and do what ever they want and are told that its natural and "covered" spiritually, this is called "rumspringa".
So now you have these innocent youth at the age being thrown into this dark intense world of drugs, sex, alcohol, and pain. So they are desperately searching for something real to fill the longing in their hearts, then they are given all the counterfeit destruction of the devil, by the time they are 17-18 years old they are so hurt, broken, and bleeding, they start crawling back to the only kind of safe system the know, the Amish system which is a super legalistic system of rules and regulations, where you cannot "know" that you will go to heaven, you can only hope that if you follow the rules of the church properly you might make it to heaven. But they believe that God is mad, and that he hates them for their sin, so they build these walls of pain and hurt and live out their lives in the best way they know how.
I will be taking a team, we will have a few safe house where we will have worship, prayer and discipleship happening consistently every night of the week. then we will have a handful of those that speak their language going into these parties and dark places, healing the sick,a and looking into their eyes and telling them " listen what you are doing is not working, You need Jesus and I have him, let me introduce him to you".!!
My girlfriend has and amazing friend named Manda Kurtz, her and her brother and few other have been saved recently and left the Amish system, they are now radicals and will be going back into the system with us, because they used to be known in many of the circles so we have a way in. Just since we started to talk about this trip, god has been doing things, I have had Amish and ex-amish people adding me on Facebook, the youth in there are sooo hungry and desperate fro something real, it is going to epic. I believe that a radical movement will be birthed out of this, and their will be some of the most powerful world shakers ever that will come out of the Amish, because they are such a disciplined people group, and they have been so suppressed, that when they experience freedom they never stop, and pretty much nothing can ever stop them.
we will not be telling them to leave the Amish or do anything except fall in love with the person of Jesus and look like him!!!!!! yea, revival in a barn, I have always though that would be epic:) I really appreciate any prayer for this trip, it will be unique, and the spiritual darkness is even more intense than Africa and other places I go.

But for now, lets love radically, give extravagantly, walk uprightly, and never ever stop, set people free, the year 2011 will be as amazing as you allow it to be and you will see what ever you pursue and don't give up on.

Thank you amazing people, lets roll.

never stop
stay in love
set people free
make the devil cry every day


Back from Africa

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Dear family and friends,
It has been a few weeks since I have returned from africa, The last days there were beautiful but sad because I didnt want to leave, and I cant wait to go back. Those that I poured my life into became family to me.
To many things happen in my life in a day to blog about, In the next days I will be blogging teaching and writing a lot of practical things that are awesome, but right now in this blog I just want to share from africa to now what is happening and my heart a bit, because God is doing something in my heart, I'm not sure what it is, but there is a deep burning in my spirit, 4-5 years ago there was a burning inside of me a passion for something I could not explain because I had never seen it, but my spirit was crying out for it. I went to Bethel school of ministry and all my dreams came true, and I found what I was looking for, after two years there I left and became a youth pastor in the bay, I pastored there for a year and it was good, the youth were my dream my passion and I gave it my all, but soon as opposition grew from my church and leadership to come under there denomination rules, and stipulations, and to tone down my passion and stop healing all the sick and preaching truth, I started getting this deep burning and yearning in my spirit again for something I had not yet seen, the same I had 2 years prior to going to school of ministry, I could not find it the school I came from, or any other major "revival ministry" in the western world. That is about the time I "stepped" down from my position at the church I worked at and I abandoned all I had to doing the ministry of Jesus christ, truly living by faith and not working a job, day to day. Only living for the people around us on the streets and in darkness, I became gripped with a passion to see ALL the sick healed, broken hearts healed, ect.
I met my best friends ryan, brandon and others we surrounded ourselves with and it was awesome, for months till now, all we did day after day hour after hour is devote ourselves to Jesus's teaching and go to the streets, houses, malls, parking lots, bars, nightclubs, and gave our lives to seeing what the bible said really happen.
We have learned a lot, and started a movement in a sense around the world, I wont change what I am doing because it is working and we are seeing transformation, but I am getting an increasing burning in my spirit the same way I have had it twice before over the past 4-5 years. I know there is something more, not something more in the senxe that we have not recieved enouph, but simply more that our mind needs to become renewed to, a more that we do, a more that we see radical transformation. I am so gripped with transformation, not just to get someone healed, or encountered with God, but to see them through being radically comepletely transformed with the power and love of God. To see them win in their lives, and begin to transform their worlds around them.
The last days in africa were awesome, we got to baptize about 30 people that we had been discipling and pouring our lives into. Baptism is sooo powerfull. I came back to the states and the day I came back I was tired but brandon was going to the hospital and so I went to, seen a few people healed, one lady was in a wheel chair with a broken hip, some freinds were praying for her, and I asked her to stand up and walk, she looked sceptical and said but I cant:(, I just looked at her and smiled and said well of course you can, you are healed, she was like "OH, yea, and she stood up and walked with no pain". I havent seen a difference so far in getting people healed here in the states as in africa, its just in africa 10 out of 10 will let you pray for them, here maybe 3-4 out of 10 will let you pray for them, so I just see a lot less than I did over there.
I was able to catch a ride with some friends go home for thanksgiving and that was really good to see the family. Now I am back in the bay, My friend Maria Miller came down with me from montana and is spending a few days here with us doing ministry, we leave in a few minutes to go to the hospital to heal and bring Jesus to people walking in and out of the hospital.
I am sooo excited and burning right now, do I have any idea how things will work out even in the next week? no, do things look impossible in the natural? yes. BUT, I have Jesus. See what do you do when you dont feel like doing anything because of the things happening around you? If you ever feel like Gods not with, like he is far off, like maybe your doing something wrong and he isnt right with you? THEN YOU ARE BELEIVING A LIE. Becaue Jesus said, "I will never leave you or forsake you". That means what it says, he will never leave you:)
I went through some of the hardest things I ever went through a year ago, and at times i was so hurt by people and situations that I didnt want to live, eat, or do anything, I was so hurt I actually was getting uclars where you bleed internally. But I had a room in my house called my "Jesus room". and every night after things would happen or things in the natural would get bigger than I could seem to handle, I would go straight to my Jesus room, or somewhere alone with no distractions, and turn off my phone, any distractions, get on my knees and I would tell Jesus "I will not get off my knees untill you become more real to me than anything else in the world, I would pray sometimes for an hour, and some times till the sun came up the next day. I used to think that God was slow in answering untill I learned that he was there the whole time and he never left, he loved me the same, the same power was available, it just took me a while at times, to renew my mind, to shift my focus from the pain of the moment to the beauty and wholnes of Christ right there by me, right with in reach. And the most beautifull thing happens, as you gaze into the eyes of the one in whose image you were created all the pain, hurt, false identities of the world just drift away as his love, all consuming, all healing, powerfull, love floods every cell of your body and you become more aware of his divine power, and love than anything else in the world. That is what enables you to walk back up to the very people who hurt you, and you can smile and give them a hug with the love of God.
I bought some food and stuff for homeless people so the rest of the day I am going to go find people to love on. See the past couple days for some reason or other have been different, I am usually crazy excited and rabidly burning, I am still burning inside, but it was almost like an attack on my mind, Its been a bit foggy and hard to see, and because of natural curcimstances you want topull back and sit down. But it is those moments that you have to rmemeber who you are, what makes you burn with passion, even if you are feeling nothing. And go do it, straight up. when I get into a place where I am not sure what is happening, I stay in love with Jesus, but I just force myself and I go serve, heal the sick, love on people, give things away, live the kingdom, crazy, beyond your natural mind, just block the mind and do it. and as you begin to go from one person to the next and see the pove of God transform their lives, a warmth preads through you, a fire gets in your eyes, and begins to burn the fog away, why? because I am now doing what I was born to do!!!!! that is why I have to go now, I am doing just that.
Well, I gotta go, I am sooo excited for the upcoming months, I have a friend that really wants me to come to cambodia in march and then I would fly from there to South Africa to meet with the team in april. Oh yea btw, I am assembling a team to go back to south africa for about 2 months, it is allready thee most epic crazy radical team I have ever seen. it is a total faith walk, we dont know where we will stay, what we will eat, where we will go exactly, we just have the great commision and the holy spirit, I will be taking around ten people. so be praying for me, and for those going.
Be blessed!!!!! Btw, if anybody ever has questions or input,on either ministry or how they can be involved in these next months and years, just email me at, because we are in the edge of doing some of thee most awesome and epic history writing gospel expeditions.

In case of intense emergency my cell is - 408-306-7892

Much luv,

Africa journal entry.

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Dear freinds and family,
Tonight finds me in a small town called, uumm, ya I forgot what its called. Its about two hours inland from the coast between kokstad and the drakensburg mountains.A few weeks ago I was on a trip to East London adn we stopped in a small gas station to get fuel and eat breakfast, on the way in I seen a white guy in a truck, and I felt he had back pain. So I went over and asked him, he said no, so I continued on inside and the pastor and I had a good breakfast. On the way back out I stopped to pray for a young man on crutches and I seen man I asked earlier about back pain, he was waving at me, So I went over to him. He said he had been waiting tyhe whole time for me to finish eating, and he asked me " how did you know I had back pain"? (he lied to me). I just told him I am a christian and I listen to the holy spirit. So we chatted a bit and I told his back top be healed. Well a few weeks later I hear about a guy who lived a few hours away telling everybody in his area he was healed of back pain, it turns out it was the guy I had prayed for. He had a crushed back, his entire lower back was crushed, the doctors said there was nothing they could do, he took lots of pain medication. but he was totally healed after I had prayed for him. Anyways, in this town there are a lot of sick and dying people that needed heal, and wanted it badly, and there allso was a witch doctor killing babies, and I beleive drinking there blood, and using there bodiy parts for "muty" rituals, hexes, healing, ect. So we might be looking into putting a stop to that. and othger crazy stuff, people eating other people and such.
But backing up a bit, I dont remeber the last time I blogged, because I have been quite busy, the only internet accessusually is limited. Not last sunday but the sunday before, i went dirtbike riding with some of the guys and it was great fun, I jumped on a fourwheeler after riding a dirt bike for a while, and rolled it before I had even went 100 feet:(. I was a bit bruised and I smashed my wrist pretty good. And because I had not took very good care of my body I had a pretty bad couph. I told God, This doesnt look good, preaching healing sick. So I preached that night, and monday morning I went to minister in a prison with a few awesome freinds, It was AWESOME!. I officially love ministering in prisons, because the have these huge keys, and they let you in and then lock the door behind you and leave. I would just get on my knees, pray, and tell them about Jesus, then heal all the sick, and hurting in the cell, (which there were many), and then lead them to Jesus, It is so amazing watching there faces change as their lives are transformed by the power of Jesus. and then we leave the cell with them singing, and go to the next cell to start all over again. we would walk into the cell and it stank, and the guys were ticked, sad, sick, and the atmosphere was bad, by the time we left we didnt want to leave, they were all hugging us and loving on us.My wrist was hurting, but I was the guy there getting them healed, so I shook all their hands, and the more hands I shook, the better my wrist became. I left that prison excited, on the outside on the street we met a man leaving the police department from reporting a hit and run, he was limping with a cane on one side and his wife bracing him on the other, his knee was pretty bashed by a car, we prayed, I took his stick, grabbed him and said walk, and he was instantly healed, his wife ewas instantly healed of pains as well, they left in a shock worshipping Jesus.
There is way to much to write, but I have to say it has been an amazing past 2 weeks, because the people I have been discipling have really gotten it, they really have, seein the states when people are healed, saved and delivered, everyone hears about it on facebook. here the young and old people I have been discipling dont see it as a great big thing, to themthis is the normal lifestyle, they are healing people every day, crutches, lame, blind, deaf, every one. They hear me tell stories and then they go do what they hear. I hear stories like, " oh he was deaf so I prayed for him, after a bunch of goo ran out of his ears he was healed". " ya on the job the other day, I stopped on the side of the road for cripples and put them on the tailgate and grew out there legs while my boss looked on".
The one guy here is a youth pastor, Wikkus schutte, he is the youth pastor for the God squad,see many people I have been discipling are iether just saved or being saved, when I met him and his wife though they were youth pastirs they were still smoking, lol. its true, many people I take on the streets and such still smoke, or are just in the process of quitting. See most people woyuld prerach intensely against them, NO, I just demonstrate Jesus, and Guess what I have seen wikkus preach, and then have a smoke break:) he quit smoking now, because He knows its right. But do you see what i am saying, I have a team of people, half of which would not be excepted in american churches, but they are so passionate, in love, powerfull, committed, and healing more sick, leading more people to christ and casting out more devils than anyone else. I took a few of them ministering with me and on the plane behind me I heard the one young man named Nixon, a passionate crazy young guy, 17 years old scars all over his arms. He was passionately preaching to the lady next to him, about Jesus being born, to a man named Joseph, and how Joseph had a coat of many colours, and how Joseph worked for a man named, uuumm,, potiphar, or maybe noah he said. I was cracking up, but he was so real, so just in love with Jesus, and fearless.
After I told wikkus one story he went to the mall and rigged up "holy spirit" traps. where he prayed and rigged up invisible trip wires so that the first person to walk through would get touched with the power of the holy spirit. the first lady through staggered and was touched, she asked him " Did you see that?!, he said yes I put that there, that was the holy spirit. she said she was atheist, but that was the most wonderful thing she had ever felt, he continued and shared the gospel with her. He was allso driving past KFC, and the holsy spirit told him to stop, he did, and got direct words of knowledge for people , after praying for them, they couphed up sone black material and were instantly healed. and this is normal to them, they are meeting with people regularly, and discipling people. Wikkus was a hardened, racist, fighter, they used to put people agaisnt him to fight for money. He was a mean man, his step dad slapped his mom, and broke just about every bone in his body, leaving him in ICU for 6 months. The stories of what they would do to people are to horrible to write, but God got ahold of him, and the same fearless warrior he used for the devil he is now using for God. He plans on raising up and discpling entire regions, and then going into every religiuos church one at a time and tearing them apart. And trust me, he will, he is a man drivien by love, but he is studying his bible intensely, and curries teaching, and he will fearlessly tear religion apart. when he was 13 he went to church with his grandma, during the service he realized the pracher had changed the words. So he stood up and challanged the preacher, and went up to the pulpit and gave him his bible to read, he then saw the preacher had chanegd the words, he rebuked the preacher and with tears he tore into the preacher right there. in 3 weeks the church closed. He then left church for a long time. He is now burning with a deep passion, he doesnt say much but when he does every one listens. He really grasped this whole living by faith message and plans to step out and quit his job in december even though he has bills and everything. Even allready he gives stuff away, and is living the kingdom. I just have to share about this man a little bit. Because its so exciting when real warriors rise up.
Nixon is another young man, who grew up in a bad place, and was kind of adopted by another couple, he did drugs, and crazy stuff, he has scars all over, but God got ahold of him as well, now lately he does fire dance, chains with fire on them, on the beach, draws crowd then they preach and heal the sick. And he is constantly living Jesus lifestyle and reaching out to people most people wont reach out to. But he as well is just learning and the bible is his only reference for life. if you tell him not to heal the sick, he will rebuke you in Jesus name. lol, cause thats what Jesus did. I am excited for him, he is raw.
The God squad is growing and really going after it, while I was gone over the weekend they really stepped out and went to the night clubs, for the halloween parties, and healed the sick and ministered to people, mind you, they are bewteen 15- 20 years old, mostly girls. Ive been sooooo proud of them.
The week was awesome lots of awesome stuff, I felt I needed to fly up to Joburg, and take wikkus and his wife debbie, and nixon with me for the weekend and minister and hang out together. So i booked tickets for all of us, and friday night I got to bed at 1am, got up at 3am drove to durban, boarded the flight flew to Joburg, drove 2 hours to a town wnere the "joburg team" lives, a radicall group of young peoples, hung out for a few hours, hoppedinto a taxi and drove till 6pm to kobus's church, " a mega church built around miracles. left there at midnight drove till 5:30 am, slept a few hours, ministered, hung out, hopped into a car drove to the airport, got on a plane and got home at midnight. spent time with the Godsquad yesterday, hopped on a bus this morning and came to this town for a few days.
I was dissapointed at kobus's church I had heard so much and seen a bit on tv, yes itw as awesome seeing the thousands of crutches and such hanging on the walls, and across the ceiling, and such but it was disspointing. It is what happens when people with great hearts know how to get people healed, but choose to kinda level off, and build an empire, surround themselves with yes men, who all live for the "prophet", and the "prophets vision" instead of Jesus. There were great people there, and it ws great seeing kobus pull a few people out of wheelchairs, but most of the ones that were pulled out, were allready able to walk anyways, and most of the sick people who really really needed a healing didnt get healed. I sat and was quite in shock at the amount of sick people that were there. I talked to his wife and she asked me if I wanted to pray for folks, so I got to pull a few people out of wheelchairs, and see some people healed, the one lady had paralyzed legs so that was nice to see her walk. But at the same time, my guys and the Joburg team were healing the sick in the back, and got shut down. so wikkus just went to a different part of the church and continued healing the sick. Nixon igored them and kept healing folks, but I guess they asked kobus and he told them NO, they cannot pray for people. So they pulled Nixon'x hand away and said NO, prophet kobus said you cannot pray, nixon , says, " who the hell is prophet"?! like I said, he is raw, real, and learning. He said why shouldny I pray, I am a christian, and these people need help. The staff member was pushing nixon a bit, and nixon said " in Jesus name dont touch me!!" then the staff started getting quite intense, so nixon and the joburg team left and went outside to pray for people. i had no idea this was going on, because I was in the healing pool praying for folks. So to say the least I was really disspointed in Kobus, he is to busy being famous, healer, and getting deep revelation, that he has lost sight of the real, raw, Jesus, what its all about.
But it was ssoooo awesome to hang out with the Joburg team, They are truly family, I felt I was back in our house in san Jose, they look just like we did in san jose 8 months ago. They are the real deal, if anyone sows into any of these guys, wikkus, nixon, joburg team, its good soil. I am going to help wikkus set up a blog and donation button. But he doesnt really know how to type, So I will probably teach him to video blog.
This blog is allready way to long, I havent even shared what I am learning, But basically have been really humbled, and as I have been having revelations on the life of Jesus, and the heart of God, it is humbling, and i realized that as much as i had worked at not being religiuos, i was still pretty stinkin religiuos. And I have really just been reading the bible , and really looking at what would Jesus look like, if he waslked into my town, if he walked just like he did in the bible, he would be nicer to the people in the pubs than the people in church. I dont have much time, i am really tired, but basically The Holy spirit told me, If you cannot spend time hanging out in gatherings of sinners and be comfortable, and transform their lives with love, and sinners actually love hanging out with you, than you are religiuos. period. And if you spend more time doing church, conferences, meetings and being in church, than you do hanging out with sinners, you do not know the heart, will, or character of God. Jesus was called a drunkard, glutton, and friend of sinners and tax collectors! you dont get called that unless you are eating bread drinking wine, and hanging out with the sinners and tax collectors and they actualy love you. I know Jesus wasnt a drunk, we know that. But come on, look at his life. He didnt build churches, he didnt do conferences, he didnt do most of what we do today. Does that mean its wrong? not exactly, there is just a better way. I have a few things i will be preaching right soon, but i would rather wait to be stoned till I get back to america so I can actually see those stoning me. :)

Well it is now midnight, the wind is blowing strong outside, its pretty open and flat here, untill you get in the mountains, I prayed for quite a few people today, some with limited time to live, most were healed instantly. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, we will praying all day solid for the most part, the first thing on the list is a deaf school, yup, thats right, i am going to a deaf school. I have seen lots of ears open, but for me personally I have yt to lay hands on someone with both ears completely deaf and have them open. So I will be stepping out a bit. then the rest of the day is packed. I leave thrusday morning for maargate again, where I will spend my last weekend, we have baptisms, and then the following tuesday I fly hom. arriving on the 10th at noon in sanfransisco.
I am going to sleep now, I know I am not the best blogger, but I do my best, i super miss my family, and cannot wait to see them!!
Much Love,

Africa Journal entry 5

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Dear friends and family,
It is a Tuesday morning here in Margate where i'm staying on a farm. I moved from the last place I was staying at to be closer to the young people I am discipling. I haven't been able to blog for the last week because of lack of internet and a laptop that I could type on.
There is to much that happens every day, so I cant write all, but I can tell a few of the high lights over the past week and a half. In Johannesburg there is a group of young people (Faith, Mpumie, Ndimphiwe, Trulani, and Marcus) who got ahold of the message a while back and have been tearing it up, healing the sick, leading people to Jesus, ect. And we were hoping to meet up, so they got bus tickets and spent 12 hours on the bus and came down for the weekend. We really had an amazing time. They are an awesome group. Almost exactly like when brandon, ryan/laura, and I first met. They are solid, and all preach, teach, prophesy, heal the sick, ect.
Saturday we had a great time we prayed for people all day on the streets, and then took an hour break for food, then we went to the beach and ministered on the beach again, faith led 7 girls to the lord, and many others were healed and set free. (if you don't like devils manifesting, don't come to this land) it happens about every day.
Sunday night we had that 2,000 seater tent and we did a “Youth miracle crusade”, there were about idk, 15-20 pastors involved in that tent event leading up to the last night. But when they asked me what I do, I said I heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils, and I looked right in their eye, not one of them came, and almost none of their congregations came, lol. I understand people are created in the image of God, but, Powerless religious people are cowards that are influenced and driven by devils, because they would rather sit in pews and have their flesh stroked, and be talked to about powerless things than go minister to people who are dying. Hypocrites love to pray, but when you pray instead of being obedient, your prayers now become a stench to God. The owner of the tent is “Kobus Allen”, one of the grandsons of AA allen, I talked to him, I asked him if he was anything like his grandfather, he asked me what I did, I told him Mathew 10:7-8, he turned, coughed nervously, and ignored me from then on. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but, If his grandfather A.A. Allen was there he would have slapped him.
One of the guys there at the tent had a leg 2 inches shorter than the other, from a car accident and had metal rods in his leg, Zizo, one of the God squad girls prayed for his leg until it grew out and he was totally healed, we had thee most amazing tent meeting I have ever had in my life, ever. See during the week following up to this meeting, I was getting phone calls every day with questions like, “do you have a worship team? Do you have a sound system?, do you have a crusade coordinator?, do you have an event planner?, I would tell them “ totally, don't worry, it will be awesome”. But really we had nothing. And because it was a giant tent, we needed a sound system, and other people really said we needed a band and such. But every church I called, or team I asked, the pastors all said no, because they didn't want to be involved or associated with the “rebels” the “radicals”. ha.
So I just kept doing ministry all week, not worrying about it. Then I got a phone call saying, btw, we are tearing out the whole sound system right after the morning service, you wont have a sound system, “because there was no value placed on our ministry”. It came right down to the night before, we were on the beach with the God squad, and the Joburg team, people were getting healed, saved, and delivered, I took a walk on the beach praying. I said God, I have all these people asking me whats happening, shouldn't I be doing something to get ready/ he said, Stop worrying, do what you are called to do, I'll take care of it. So I just continued with what I was doing. And told people it was all taken care of.
All the meetings during the week in this tent had been super religiuos, no one moved, most people didn't even stand in worship. By the night of the event a huge worship team showed up, and a sound system materialized from, I have no idea where. Anyways, it was a set up, because they were the best holy ghost worship team ever. They went crazy during worship, and played all new covenant songs, we had 50+ young people dancing in front of the stage, but I dont mean just dancing, they had all been praying and doing a “fire tunnel” for an hour in the field behind the tent and they were stoked. They were running back and forth, jumping, yelling, doing somersaults, and their blackm white, indian, ect. But they had crazy good rhythm. So the next thing you know they're all dancing a synchronized dance kind of like the “thriller dance” but a worship dance in the front, it was wild, and awesome, and then we had religious people in their seats with some having a look of horror on their face. ha. The worship team started singing the song “ through you the blind will see”, and in the chorus, the band kept playing, he grabbed his cordless mic, and jumped of the stage and took of running around the church in praise, after that it settled down and we were just in the most beautiful worship with people all over just worshiping God in such freedom. I gave an altar call to get righteous, “saved as some say it”. And people ran up, the funniest thing was when my kids told me about a pastor that had been a pastor for a long time came up to get saved. After that we had all the sick people stand up, lay hands on each other and they were all healed. Then we had the people gather around the newly saved, and pray for them, it was a little chaotic, BUT, it was family. I preach an intense word, and then ended the night in worship people flooded the front praying, with tears streaming down some laying on their face, others on their knees, dedicating their lives to being obedient to the word of God. Even old Africans grandmas and grandpas were up there. Which is a rare sight here I was told.
The next week was good, just nonstop, I would be ministering with the young people and get home average about 2 am, then get a a phone call some is dying or dead already at 5 am. And you roll over and ask God, “ why don't people wait to try to die till during the day??!!”. I know why now, because the devil likes killing them at night, most Christians are to ruled by their flesh to get up at night and save someone. The devil knows this, so he hits with death at night.
If I ever hear young people moan, or whine in the states about it being hard to be a christian I will smack them. OK, maybe not. But when you see the price some of these young people pay to be a christian over here. Everything else seems little. The Godsquad here is a small group of young people passionate about God, well its actually grown from like 5-40. But the core group is about 12 young people. I have never, ever in my life seen the devil try as hard to kill a group of young people like this group. 4 out of 5 of them have wanted to, or actually attempted suicide in the past year. If you take any group of girls here in SA, probably at least half of them have been raped. 2 days ago I prayed for a girl and her brothers who were Christians, people were chasing them to kill them, because they said their mom was a witch. The demonic that comes against people here is so blatant. The most powerful thing I have taught these young people, is You are a spirit, and how to operate out of your spirit, and not be affected by the devil, emotions, flesh ect. The devil first goes for them personally, they grow to strong, so he comes through their friends, but then after some CRAZY stuff going down, every one learns, and they become to strong, so he goes through the parents, these kids are told all the time, You are satanists, You will never succeed, anybody could be born again but you. All the time, for some its physical abuse, others just verbal. The kids become stronger, then he goes through aunts, uncles, relatives, this is where it gets nasty. I'm not saying this to credit the devil ok, you guys no me better than that, he is tiny, God is big. But I am just sharing what happens. There is sangomas, and witches, and such that places thing on these kids and do crazy stuff. We will be worshiping and all of a sudden one of the youngsters gets crazy pain or emotions, and walks off, onlyto fall to the ground screaming, or manifesting devils. One of the families is now completely saved, the whole family!! its beautiful all like 25 of them. But If I had a request it would be, please pray for the Godsquad, I have seen stuff before, but just never attacks like this, we stop the attacks, and we shut stuff up. Its like there is a nonstop barrage of different ones. Anyways, enough about that.
No I have not yet to my knoledge seen a legitimate stroke healed yet, I may have happened and I just havent got the news yet, but I am seeing much more in the areas of other miracles, and the strokes will break soon. It is just in renewing my mind. I am being more and more gripped with the word of God, I spend time meditating on certain scriptures on healing, and “consciously” renew my mind, over and over, I visualize them being healed, I see the word of God in action, until it becomes the default of my brain, until I cant see any other out come but that which the word says. I still have a long way to go. I am humbled all the time, on how much I must learn.
Most nights I come home rejoicing, and praising God, and other nights even though I have seen people healed and saved, I come home with tears, gripped with the fact that If I dont walk in truth, and renew my mind, people die, have died while I am here, and still are dying. There are sitautions that are dear to my heart, I would love to share with people, but I don't share all, because of the religious people who make a big deal, stink, and ruckus out of what I do. Like the time I went to Capetown to raise the dead. But there are things that I cant wait to talk about when I get back.
I used to think that if I prayed for something intensely enough or hit it hard enough for long enough it would break. There is truth to that, it does work. But breakthrough lives in me, his name is Jesus. I am learning that if I spend the same amount of time reading the word, consciously renewing my mind, becoming so convinced that the word is true, then speak things to be so. Command them to happen. If they are healed, congrats, if not, go back to the word, renew you mind, ask the Holy spirit to teach you, then go at it again. I am just learning, but we must learn, we must we must, because people are dying, and I happen to care.
I need to wrap this up, I was in east London over the weekend, to do a “conference”. Seen a handful of creative miracles, I really really, spent time renewing my mind, and I did see every one healed that was there, except for one blind man. They had brought him for a long ways to be healed.
But people are so hungry, they love truth, they want to be equipped, they could not stop thanking us for preaching truth, for equipping them. These are the kind of people you can take nations with, sure they are poorer people for now. I luv the states, but I am convinced you will see the world saved faster by starting in other countries with this message where people will drop everything and believe the bible. I would rather evangelize the states from africa, or thailand or wherever, than the other way around. You ask why? Because I will go where people are really hungry, I know they are hungry in the states, but they are nothing like the people here. Ask Heidi baker. Anyways.
Yes, OH, so a few days back there was a man here on vacation I met him out side the local post office by the market with aback brace, he was in excruciating pain, and was goingto have to cut his holiday short, my friend and I just said a short prayer, and we continued on our way. While I was in east london, he found the church I am helping out at while I am here, praising God because he was completely healed. Allo yesterday as I was walking on the beach a young man about 19 years old came running up to me smiling and gave me a hug, I asked him how he knew me, He said dont you remember, my mom and I accepted Jesus into our hearts 2 day ago at your meeting, his life was so transformed, he was so on fire for God, he knows almost nothing about christianity or the bible, but his face Glows, because he found Jesus, and Jesus changed his life!!

1.more, so when I was in east London, on saturday night there was supposed to be wheelchairs in the building, (I really haven't got to pray for many wheelchairs” there seems to be more in the states than here. A lot of crutches here though. So the whole night I was renewing my mind, when I got up the first thing I said, was “where are the wheelchairs?” but there was none, so I went for whoever needed healing. One lady was stabbed multiple times, and hit by a car, her right side did not work properly, I told her to stand up, and I prayed for her from about 30 feet away, I told her to raise her arm, she tried, but her arm had been broken and she could not raise her arm, the doctors said the only way she could be better was to re break her shoulder and do surgery and stuff. I said, lets pray again, we prayed this time their was a pop and her arm went straight above her head. She started sobbing and collapsed in her chair. I talked to her after the meeting, she said she had been told by Christians that Jesus loved her, and that she should be in love with him. But she had been so hurt, and she had never been healed before so she never believed it. That night was thee first time in her life that she truly believed that Jesus loved her!!! She became a new creation that night. The next morning I noticed a ldy that looked familiar I asked her name, she said dont you remember I am the lady you prayed for!! I was amazed, she looked so bad the night before, today she had beautiful clothes on, she was glowing, radiant with his love and presence.
Last night I was back together with the Godsquad, it was so awesome, to be back in a room filled with the most passionate young people worshiping, crying, laughing, giving God their all. We only had one devil attack last night, he tried to attack one of the young girls when she left the room, I heard her screaming and went and prayed for her, but we won.
I have 3 weeks left here, then I will be back in the states. I really really really miss my people, especially the guys at the house. I have started a couple movements here, and am learning, but its not the same with out the team together. We are strongest together. Straight up.
To some of you that have supported me financially while I am here, thank you so much. I have been able to pour into others and pour into what God is doing in them here.
Never stop, don't get distracted by the devil or by doing “good”, stay in love, hang out with dying people, defy religion, preach the gospel, be a warrior of honor, integrity, and character. The character of heaven. We need to be know in heaven, as the ones who never gave up, who counted the word as truth, who were faithful, who lived not for themselves, but lived only to please the one who sent them.
Be Blessed guys, Luv you all!! cant wait to see you again.
Sincerely, Dennis

Africa Journal entry 4.

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Dear friends and family,
It is Sunday night, and we had an amazing service tonight a man from the states named Leon Dehan spoke, and he is an amazing man. After wards I drove a bunch of the kids home, and me and the God squad went to the beach under the stars and talked for a bit about leadership, starting movements, ect. And I dropped them off, we prayed before they went home, because their parents were calling and yelling at them intensely.
I have seen a lot in the past week, I will talk about some of it. But as it is late, and I am quite tired I will keep it relatively short, "ya right aye".

Well Last Wednesday I don't remember what happened, I think I did street ministry with the kids, and I think I went and prayed for some folks. hmm, anyways Thursday morning I got up and went to pick up some of the youth "God squad" and first picked up the little "bucky" a 2 seater car\truck in which we squeezed 13 people. INSANE btw, we squeeze more people into cars than I ever thought possible. Anyways we went and made a "free healing sign and went to the beach area and prayed for people all day, it was a good day, we really got to love on some people, muslim, hindu, and other people. A handfull of them came to the evening service later that night.

But earlier on thrusday after we had spent quite some time doing ministry on the streets, we went back to one of the young peoples families house. and were hanging out studying and praying. Their parents came home in a truck and the mom was fine, but they backed the truck up to the back of the house and I noticed that a few of the young ones in the family left the house crying. And then I watched them carry their drunk father into the house. the family is like 6 kids, and they are all on fire for God, but their parents are not. They are at this point still gripped by alcohol and such. It broke my heart I went out back and prayed for and talked with the 15 year old daughter, as she was crying, I had my arms around her, as she ws heart broken about the dad she never had. And it broke my heart, there are so many thousands of children who go through this every day, and most Christians have no idea. I told her she cannot hate her dad, but she was pretty tore up. She was doing better after a while. See these young people are the ones that i am spending all my time with, and disciplining and I see them change peoples lives, as they are slowly but surely becoming stronger in their identity, and in christ, most are new Christians and have only been in relationship with God for a few months, but they are doing more for the kingdom than a lot of people. But while they are pursuing the kingdom in their lives, its not the world that is a challenge, its their parents telling them, they are ridiculous, crazy, loco, and yelling and cussing at them. I cant describe how I love these young people.

I have been really going after seeing people with strokes healed, and paralysis healed, I have seen many healed of various diseases, but almost nothing happen with strokes YET. And it seems I encounter a hand full of them every day. I have been interviewing all these people as I am praying for them, and the story is almost ALWAYS the same. They were either in a fight, quarrel, or someone cursed, or hexed them, and then one day they got dizzy and feinted. When they came to they had this disease and deformity. And many that have paralysis and such still suffer from the same "symptoms".

Well at the thursday night service I was supposed to speak, and Mfundo, who is "19" comes half carrying his sister into the service, the "15" year old. she was all dizzy and could barely talk and her arms were crooked and her fingers all deformed and curled up intp her palms. I had them sit her down, and was trying to figure out what had happened. Mfundo said that she suddenly got dizzy and feinted on the road, when they picked her up she couldn't feel her arms and they crippled up, and she was losing motor skills, and the full use of her right side and leg. It took me a few seconds to realize that a devil had attacked her just like all these other people I have been praying for. I took her outside and sat her down. I took her hands in mine, and friends, they were identical to the many I have held before, and in seconds her perfect hands had went to being crippled and deformed and looking like the old grandmas I had prayed for with strokes. The more I prayed the madder I got, I didn't show it in my actions, but I do not believe I have ever been that mad at a devil in my life before. I had just been on the streets earlier with this girl. She was normal, perfect, and now she looked hopeless. I commanded that devil to let her go, she could feel her legs getting worse, I put her back in worship, called Ryan roahdes in the states, told him to pray. And then I went behind the church and I did the most intense praying I had ever done, if there would have been a herd of lions in my way I would have shredded them into hamburger.I wasn't about to preach, aint no use preaching if she wasn't better, my messages are messages of power, and I wont preach something that isn't real. As I was praying God said, "she'll be fine because of your faith, and because there is no other choice but for her to be healed". but she does need to forgive her father, who was drunk ealeir. Now note, he didn't say she had to forgive him to be healed, He just said she had to forgive her father. I pulled her back out of the service and took her outside again, her hands straightened out and all her feeling returned and she was doing much better, it took a bit and she forgave her father and was set free from that hate towards her dad. And we won. I fully believe that if there would not have been people there who knew it was a devil, and fought it it intensely, she would be another victim of a stroke, and struggling through life crippled. It was a little easier to preach after that.

The next morning "friday", 4 of the youth leaders went with me and another lady named Vera to a hospital she has a lot of favor with here in the states, and we spent a few hours covering most of the hospital rooms in the building, I got the surgery section, and then you just go room to room. I had no crazy miracles happen, but seen a lot of improvement, and quite a few people healed. We left from there and went back to the house, where I met with chad and a couple local Africans who wanted us to go pray for a notable sangoma "witch doctor". The maid in our house had Hiv/aids, and chad and his wife had prayed for her, and after she received her test from the clinic she was HIV negative!! well her friends mom, was a sangoma, and she kept getting sicker, and her magic and ancestors were not helping, so we drove about a half an hour into a rural area, and she had a hut on the mountains side, (its really beautiful back there). besides the smell at times. But you get used to it:) anyways, she was a skinny lady with intense eyes and she had trouble walking and moving around to much because of pain and such, so we explained the Gospel, and that the real living God was going to heal her. We prayed for her in Jesus name and she was healed, No crazy devil stuff, no weird manifestations, (which we were ready for:) but we just radically loved on her. I could tell she was a brilliant women, and she was amazed at the real power and love of God, she was totally healed, and we then prayed and a few other family members were healed as well, we then gathered with her family and worshiped Jesus for a few minutes together, as we blessed the place and went on our way.

Later that night we Got a call saying we could have the main stage down by the beach in margate, which is a popular place in the summer, and so they set up a sound system, and our friends do "poi" which is fire dancing, simply it is to chains with handles and then balls of fire on the ends, and then you learn how to swing and flip them around you. Which is amazingly fun and addictive, but a bit of a challenge to learn. I haven't done the fire, but I have been practicing on the practice poi. Anyways, they gather a crowd and then shamelessly do a service practicully right outside the doorsteps of the 3-4 of thier biggest night clubs in town. when they seen me, they announced that I was preaching, so In my shorts, and barefoot, I preached, I just preached intensely about a real Jesus, and as I was speaking all of sudden everything got quite all the shops, and tables with people eating and partying got quite, because of the presence of God. I said i will not preach a God that isn't real, so who needs healing or has pain in their body? a lady raised her hand and came down, (this is like a stage facing a town square, and hillside, with the beach behind it, Beautiful), I was stepping out there, I knew if she didn't get healed, I would look stupid, and their whole ministry would look dumb, and worst of all, God wouyld look lame. But I will NOT preach a powerless Gospel, so we prayed and of course she was healed, now you cant hear a sound, as people watch here teary eyed go back to her place. few more people came down and or were dragged down to be healed. I had a lady from the crowd come down who had never prayed for anyone in her life, (but she was a prophesying christian) anyways she layed hands on the sick lady, and watched as the sick lady was healed. She was shaking and crying as she could not believed that God had healed through her. we went on to have a good night, adn plan to repeat the same thing on Saturday nights now.

We are still in the process of putting together a "Youth Miracle Crusade" this coming weekend, actually its already put together, and we have the 2,000 seater tent, we just need to figure out how to fill it, so that should be interesting.

Today after the morning service, I drove a girl back to her family in the rural area, I believe they had kicked her out, so this was a good trip back. But her family needed healing, and we made it back there, after we prayed for her family an they were healed of various things, word spread, and we went from house to house for a while praying for mostly people with Tuberculosis, and aids, and stroked, again, many were healed of most things, but I did not see the stroke healed, one lady got some more movement back. I was soooo proud of some of the girl leaders in the God squad, they are so sensitive to the Holy spirit they would look at a row of huts and know which one had either a sangoma, cripples, ect. and then they did whatever the Holy spirit told them to, or went to whatever hut they were led to. Which in that are isn't what every one does, its pretty shady, and crime rate is pretty high. lol, I went into a local tavern, last night, even most the locals dont dare go in. But ya anyways, quite the experience, a guy opens this little metal door, and its loud music, and a ton of demons, and drunk people all looking to fight, or something. I left pretty quick, just prayed for one person. But I seen it.

Back to the people we were praying for today, my one highlight was a man in a hut who has not been able to walk with out those crutch/brace things for ten years, and has nt been able to walk hardly period for a long time. as we were praying he was crying because the pain was so bad in his knees and back, when he moved his knees you could hear the tissue tearing and grating together. I was almost about to just go crazy, i cant stand seeing people in pain. anyways after a while we asked him, and he said NO PAIN, I was like, huh, you should of tole me earlier. I told him to stand and walk, he got up and after walking around the room a bit by himself with no crutches, the room erupted in LOUD African worship for the next half hour, "africans are very loud and expressive with their feelings. So at first you think you gotta cast the devils out of everyone, then you realize thats just them being REALLY REALLY HAPPY. lol. so yes he was fine, and was walking normal. so that was Good.

I am still praying and asking to see these cases with strokes healed, and some wheelchair cases I see, so If you pray for me for anything, please just pray that I would be radically obedient to whatever the Holy spirit says, I really really am gripped to see these people set free. One notable miracle and you can lead a whole community to Christ. Movements here are really easy, But man being a powerless christian would be scary here!! lol, for real, the witches would be intimidating for me if I didn't know that I was untouchable and that no weapon formed against me will prosper.

But seriously, I could write some of my latest "revelation", but really, I just want to truly love people, see their lives transformed, and see real!!! REAL REAL REAL. aaaahhh My heart burns for real. seriously. There has to be a better and simpler way to seeing the world transformed than crusades, church systems, and christian programs. There is nothing wrong with those, I am involved in some, but as I sit in them, my heart is out in the huts, its with the crying children, there has to be a better way.

I think that way is the Jesus way. The simple, discipling, waking in power, preaching the Gospel accompanied with signs wonders and miracles, being part of peoples lives, living life with them. Its not the most respected, the most well known, not famous, its not Money producing, its not at conferences, you don't have special titles, you aren't on part time, and off, its all the time on. You become a living example to those around you, you become the means for them to become great, your biggest dream is them. You do every thing in your power to see them succeed, to see them transform the world, to see them go way farther then you.

Listen friends, we must learn, we must walk like Jesus. You can learn from many people, and principles are good. People may just not know you , or write your name on a wall till after you die, But really just walk like Jesus, you may be crucified, but You will write history, (His-story) and you will transform the world.

I luv you guys so much!!
thanx for everything.

much luv,

Frica Journal entry 3

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Dear friends and family,
Its Tuesday morning, and I am catching up on writing a bit on what happened over the past week, some one is going to have a car for me to use while I am here for transportation. So I am waiting for that this morning, as soon as i get that I will be picking up a few youth leaders and driving into a couple areas and praying for a dying man, a blind man, and we will be visiting a deaf school I think. Not sure.
Last Thursday morning I went to to a pastors meeting in the morning and made connections, then I went to one of the youth leaders houses and about 10-12 of the youth met there, and we prayed and worshiped for a while I taught basic principles from the bible, then we went and spent the rest of the day on the streets. Btw, this was there very first time on the streets. It was amazing I simply taught them what Jesus did, and told them to do like wise, and I told them as we walk to pray for everyone and anyone they met and preach the gospel. lol, and yes, EVERY person we met as we were walking down the street they went up to and started loving, prophesying to and praying for. Often they would take 3-4 people and just block the path, and people would ask "what do you want"? they would say, "Oh we just want to talk to you for a little bit". and then start to minister to them. It was beautiful. What takes weeks to get most Americans to get, they got in 10 minutes, simply because of radical obedience without thinking twice about it.
We seen a hospital, " a pretty modern hospital" and I took two of the girls to see what we could find, and left a few others in the parking lot to pray for people. As we walked in we ran into a lady I had met before who had a sick girl in the Hospital, we acted like we knew what we were doing, and told her we were there to pray for her girl. She said thank you, and asked us to follow her. we went into the children section of the hospital and started praying for the girl. I also prayed for the girls grandma and as I was praying tears were streaming down here cheeks, as she encountered Jesus. when I looked up the girls weren't with me anymore, they were already praying for anyone they could find. See they don't have any bad mindsets that tell them they might get shut down for praying for people in a hospital. We left that section of the hospital and went to pray for some nurses who were on a "smoke break", the one nurse was in intense pain and was healed from muscle spasms.
As we went back in the hall one of the girls was talking to a doctor, he asked what she was doing, she quickly announced,"oh we are here to heal all the sick people", lol, like I said, their first time. It was great, we found out he owned part of the hospital, and "Unatti" straight up asked him, " are you saved"? " I was thinking more of a subtle approach and maybe we could keep praying for people." But God is a God of grace, He said no, and he didn't want to be saved then, but he said if you are here to pray for people you should go pray for a girl who has a few days left to live and then he walked off. we took this as an opportunity and went to the front desk and told them we were here to pray for a girl with 5 days left to live. They sent us to the ER, we buzzed the buzzer, and they asked what we needed, I said the owner of the Hospital said there was a girl with a few days left to live and we were supposed to pray for her. They let us in right away, and we got to pray for the girl and minister to the parents of the girl. So I gave them my contact info, so hopefully they will let me know. as we finished this I heard yelling in the hallway so I went out there, and two of the guys from outside were looking for us, saying a miracle had happened!! lol all the doctors and nurses were sticking their heads out and trying to figure out what happened. So I took everyone out side to talk, they said someone who was crippled and had pain on his side was healed and walking with out his crutch. which was their very first miracle:) it was good, we spent the rest of the day praying for people, and met one man we prayed for who asked us to go pray for an orphanage. We went to an evening service at the church I am helping out at, and the next morning the youth went and visited the orphanage.
Friday night the youth had a youth service, but I stayed home and rested up a bit. Saturday morning we met early in the morning, like 8am early, and went to a pre rally for a crusade that is happening. They called is a " Jesus celebration March". But we went to turn it into a "Jesus Healing March". There were probably at least 3-400 people with flags, palm branches walking down the streets and NOT ONE OF THEM, was healing the sick or reaching out, except for our kids. There was like all these religious people, and then there was our screaming, singing bunch of youth. lol. and they were praying for everything that moved. Don't get me wrong there were other awesome people there and I am sure they had the best of intentions, but they were just getting nothing done. I think its quite ridiculous how people will host these huge christian events, do prophetic acts, and supposedly change atmospheres, and do things in the heavenlies. Listen Jesus already shook thing in the heavenlies, he already did thee biggest prophetic act, if you think you can do a better Job than he did, then feel free to shake and bake and waste your time doing NOTHING.
I may seem march with this, but its truth, its an excuse to be powerless, Unatti and I stepped out of the "parade" to pray for a man who was really hobbling along. He said he was in a car crash years ago and never recovered, his leg was at least 2-3 inches shorter than the other, I prayed and his leg grew out instantly, and he was healed. a small crowd grew really quick, because everyone knew him, and they kept asking him what happened, we prayed for a few more people, and realized that the "parade" was long Gone. so we ran to catch up. we found them gathered on a grassy area by the road, blowing shofars and all kinds of ridiculous stuff. so we kept praying for people a bit. At the end they all gathered in a big bunch and one man was ending it. So I went up next to him and said I had something to say, I said listen, as you walk you have to reah out and pray for people and demonstrate Jesus, and I shared the testimony, it was like speaking to a wall. Why??? because what I said required them to do something, required responsibility. And its easier to stand around and pray for what Jesus already did, than it is to actually go and enforce what he already did, and DO WHAT JESUS SAID TO DO. period.
That night we loaded up the young leaders "Flying God Squad" as they're called here. lol. and went to BoBoyi, a rural area. For the tent meeting that night, and it was an amazing meeting it was packed out with young people in there. And the young people took turns sharing for a bit, than chad Hoffman and I taught and stirred up passion and resolve, as these young people are starting to rise up to disciple their nation.
Before the meeting started I was asked to go visit a dying woman in one of the small hut/houses. She was the sweetest old grandma, but she was all crippled up and laying on the floor with a blanket, because she had a stroke, and hadn't walked in years. We had about 20 Africans inside and outside singing and praying believing that she would walk. I started praying for her, and then i pulled her to her feet and commanded her to walk. Nothing happened that we could see, I spent the next half hour praying for her, And even though I have conditioned myself to not doubt but to walk in the spirit. I was in tears after leaving there. Next there was a pastor who had an accident as kid, and it left him with one leg a good 4-5 inches shorter than the other one. He let me pray and I commanded it to grow out, and I had the youth pray as well, because they had never NOT seen a leg grow out. And his leg refused to grow. I have seen a lot of people healed since I have been here, but I am being transparent with a few things that I did not see bow. I took a walk after this as the meeting was going on, and poured out my heart to God, Because I know its Gods will to heal them, there is nothing lacking on his end. And I must walk in a place of a renewed mind so that I walk just like Jesus on the earth. So I am fasting this week and praying, not that God would do something, I know better than that. But that I would kill the flesh and renew my mind to walk in what I am appointed to walk in. you know. see If you want more of a passion to walk like Jesus on the earth, than hang out with people who are dying. It will happen really quick.
The meeting was amazing, young people radically dedicating every second of their lives to doing what Jesus said to do and radically devoting their lives to serving God forever.
I met yesterday with some of the youth, in two weeks we have a 2,000 seater tent that we have on a Sunday completely just for the youth. and we are heading that up. The young people here have a dream of filling the local sports stadium, which is really big. I told them that this is the first step, if they want to do that. One of my goals is to help these young people. They have given every second of their lives to doing the kingdom of heaven. But most of them have no money period. And we are planning on establishing youth led churches throughout the region because young people here are poor and walk to all meetings, and they will walk miles just to go to one meetings, but if we can establish leaders and churches in all the regions then these leaders I am pouring into can go from region to region throughout the week, and keep pouring onto people. So My one of my goals by the time I leave is to help them establish a strong internet connection in one central location, build a website, you tube channel, and have them have a donation button. So that they can get what God is doing here on the web for the world to see, and then people can sow into what God is doing here. Because if they get a few "Ran" they use it for cellphone airtime so they can connect and spread the kingdom. But they need a car, or any van type vehicle, and finances to buy gas and such. I could talk about these young people a lot, I keep giving them everything that I have lol, because when you hang out with them and see their passion and zeal, you just want to give them every thing you have, ya know. Its really easy to give when you are over here. Because you don't care about anything else but seeing peoples lives transformed.
I was just invited to minister at a church about 300km outside of Johannesburg this weekend so I believe I will be flying up there for the weekend. So that should be exciting. But in the mean time, I want to say thank you to a couple of you that supported me financially to come over here!!! for real thank you, there is a revolution rising up, and youth leaders being trained that will shake the planet:) I don't remember everything so I only write some of what happens. but be blessed guys, never stop, never stop.

Much luv!!

Btw, if anybody wants to give to the youth leaders I am discipling, you can give via the donation button and make a note " to the Godsqad" it will go straight to them. They are all awesome, but there are 3 main leaders, and the money will go to them to use just for ministry.

Africa Journal entry 2

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Dear freinds and family,
I cant beleive it is wednesday night allready, time goes so fast. It was an amazing night last night, as there was a thunder storm and it was so amazing to sleep in my little randavol and listen to the rain and thunder. Today I picked up about 10 young people that are passionate about Jesus, and took them to a rural community where we have a tent set up, and are holding services for those who have very little. I am so in love with the people here, allready I am developing relaitionships for the rest of my life. I just got back from spending the evening in a rural area ministering, i'll finish talking about that later. You will find in my blogs that I share both the success and "failures", I share testimonies, and I share things that I do not see happen, because we are learning, and I strive to walk transperently and with integrity.
See I sit down with young people over here we look at the bible if its says to do it, they simply beleive, they do not ask questions, rationalize, or make excuses. they will worship and pray all night of you dont drive them out of the buildings. They are people after my own heart. I will give my life to pour into anyone who truly wants to give their life for the kingdom of God, here they all do. See, when witch doctors are turning themselves into hippo's, cheetas, birds, when they curse people and they die. Where devils are so blatant, they do not question the supernatural, but they are desperately hungry for the most powerfull thing on earth, LOVE.
Last saturday we met with local pastors and that was good, then we got the phone call from one of the ladies in the church that her 23 year old son had died over night, and they wanted someone to come pray for him to be raised from the dead, and to minister to the family, and bring the kingdom of heaven to the family. Chad hoffman and I flew over to capetown on sunday to meet with the family and pray. I read in the word of God where people come to Jesus and ask him to raise their sick child, and he says yes, he raised lazuros, Elijah raised the widows son, and so on. I beleive for me to say no to the mom would have been so wrong. And plus I really beleived that he would wake up and preach the gospel. Some people gave me a a bit of a hard time for that. But it didnt affect me, i was obedient to the word, and what I knew to be true. and through it we were able to minister to so many people, in the airport a man who had a bad knee since 5th grade was instantly healed while we were waiting for the plane. and we ministered to a hand full other people over the time we were in capetown. its is a very beautiful place, we got to see "south african penguins". and make new freinds. I am till in contact with the family of the boy, and if i can be honest, i fully expect my phone to ring. and them telling me he is awake. why?, because I live in faith all the time. I have no time not to be living in faith, if I dont people die. period. sympathy keeps more people dead than anything else. sympathy kills people, compassion saved them.
Yesterday morning we met with some people and prayed, and I dont remember what happened the rest of the day, honestly, my mind is blank. huh, I know we did stuff, but I cant remeber if it was ministry, or what. hhmm, I am so busy everything runs together:). This morning I was able to catch up a bit on emails, and practical stuff, btw, " I get up every morning at 6:30!! and go to bed at well, ya, like right now, midnight. but oh well, my body feels great.
This evening we picked up a bunch of radical youth, and oh!, before that we went to the hospital and prayed for a little girl, and it was a pretty nice hospital, looked just like the american ones, but for the first time, I prayed for everyone I could get my hands on:) and didnt get rejected or stopped. lol. it was awesome. There is a handfull of youth here I am pouring into that are so gripped with a passion and hunger for God it is amazing, like when I dropped them off at their houses they were planninjg to fast all day tomorrow and get together and pray and heal people and get ready for the evening service. We went to a rural area to where there is a tent set up for ministry. on the way we stopped at a ladies house that needed prayer, she was in a wheelchair, chad ministered to her a while, and she was able to stand and the pain left her body, and then we ministered to the rest of the family. after whci we went to another house, and while the most of them went inside to pray a few of us stayed outside and were ministering to some young people. they wanted nothing to do with us, and one young man had a hurt knee, but wouldnt let me get close. So I told him to be quite and hols still, I pointed at his knee and said "BE Healed". he was shoked as he was instantly healed. I turned to pray for another young man, and he frekead out and said NO, he had "sangoma" wristbands on, the word for "witch doctor". and he eveidently wasnt a Jesus worshipper. i asked his if he was scared of me, he said yes. I said ok, stand therem I will show you real power. he ws about ten feet from me, I told him God was about to touch him, and pinted at him, the presence of God came on him, and he ran down the road with his hands on his head. But he came back, and said he wanted to get saved, just not yet, I ministered to him for a while, and in the meantime a few of the youth were ministering to the other young guys. I was amazed they have very little experience on the streets and they looked as if they had been doing it their whole life!! anyways we ended up loading a couple of the guys of the street into the car and taking them with us to the tent meeting.
at the tent meeting the one guy took chad, a few of the kids and I into the back to a house, an older lady had a crippled hand with arthuritus and really bad back pain and she had not had a bowel movement in a long long time!!:( which was interesting, I had a young girl pray for her, and her hand was healed, then she said she needed a cain to walk, I said Not anymore! and told the girl to grab her hands and start her walking, she was healed as she walked, she then walked by herself to the restroom and went to the bathroom for the first tine in a while. which is an awesome miracle btw:).
I preached and chad preached a bit, I started with healing the sick, and then spoke for a bit. there were quite a few people healed, and a whole bunch of young men there that Got encountered, dedicated their lives to God. One lady had no eyeball, actually two people I prayed for today had no eyeball, I seen nothing happen, but I still prayed because a while back in the same tent meeting a guy was prayed for and he grew a new eyeball right there in fron of everyone:) so I really wnat to see that, as I never have. The tents btw, are in one community at a time for 2 weeks, then they move, and they rotate through 4 areas. It is SO humbling to work with the pastor who heads that up, he does services at least 5 nights a week, and he has a family, he is at least 55+ years old. and the are he ministers is harsh. and miles from each other, and he has no car! not even a bike. some times he has no transportation, so he stays with the tent in bad areas over night to preach the nect night. he is nonstop ministry, a pator, and he doesnt even have a car, ans often walks mile after mile!!
I go to a meeting in the morning with a bunch of pastors, Its awesome the message of the kingdom is getting out, and people are hungry. I keep drilling it in people though everywhere I go, if "revival" stays in a building it will die, we must disciple the people. and take it to the streets and make it a lifestyle. allso soe thing I am dismantleing over here that is HUGE, is the "man of God" complex. that there is a great "man of God", and you go to him to get your healing, word of God, and or direction for your life, thats why preachers in africa all wear suits and such, well excpet for me. I am doing everything I can to discipling people and teaching them all to do what Jesus said to do. aaaahhhhh, it is so much fun, I see these young peoples passion, I just cry, it makes me come alive. I burn for this, allready there is a handfull that I am becoming best freinds with. Because they know like I di, that they will rock the face of the planet for God, and they are just ready and willing.

Yes!! well that is not a very organized blog, but oh well, I'm tired, and I need to sleep. but. there is a small picture into my world again. be blessed everyone!!! never stop, never give up. be known for love and truth. "killin devils and taking names" as some say it. lol.

I am a humbled man, with a passion that is growing, a fire that is burning, and i cant wait to learn more. Luv,
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